Niv and Maor, are a stunning couple with whom I had an excellent connection from the very first second. We shot in The Jaffa Hotel, under time pressure, we barely had a few minutes. They’re experienced in front of a camera, to say the least, so it worked. although, usually when I work with people who are used to the camera, it is more of a challenge for me, to create authentic photos.

Beautiful Sumi knew how to work with the camera so that everything would look organic, natural, and relaxed. May, at first, wasn’t into the photoshoot as much as her, so I tried to be as subtle as possible. We took a lot of “in-motion” pics, and I was directing them as little as possible, more quick snaps but equally chic. they had a small wedding, with their close friends.

Yonathan is a musician, and Chen is a dancer, they were getting ready at their flat in Tel-Aviv, which used to be a studio of Yonathan’s grandfather who was a painter. the goal in choosing the location and in the process of photographing was to accentuate them as much as possible and to magnify their presence


wedding in Fiml

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