Chen & Yonatan

Yonathan is a musician, and Chen is a dancer, they were getting ready at their flat in Tel-Aviv, which used to be a studio of Yonathan’s grandfather who was a painter. the goal in choosing the location and in the process of photographing was to accentuate them as much as possible and to magnify their presence. To make it as personal as possible. we got in many of the walls on which paintings by Yonathan’s grandfather were hung, and then we shot in the music room that was filled to the brim with instruments that he has.

We photographed Chen also in poses that were borrowed from the world of dancing. they are a perfect mix of style and adorableness. I wanted to bring the feeling of creation and the ‘togetherness’ that they have to the photos.

the wedding took place at Yonathan’s parent’s place, a sort of wedding that was really capturing the idea of them – music that wasn’t standard, unique design, close friends, there was a great sense of joy in the air, and on top of it all, the groom even jumped in the pool at some stage. you can see it all in the pics, how much the couple were feeling at home, and how much fun they were having with each other, and it was all so free, flowing and natural.

credits -production: Or Brami / makeup: Dana Kfir /  dress: Alon Livne / video: Sipur Films / Stills: Moran Mayan / dj: Omri Smadar / Design: Shauli Elyahu