Niv & Maor

Niv and Maor, are a stunning couple with whom I had an excellent connection from the very first second. We shot in The Jaffa Hotel, under time pressure, we barely had a few minutes. They’re experienced in front of a camera, to say the least, so it worked. although, usually when I work with people who are used to the camera, it is more of a challenge for me, to create authentic photos. But this couple has their magic, and it just went smoothly. I wanted to give them the feeling that they are not being photographed constantly, so most of the pictures were taken from a distance. I don’t always shoot from the camera’s viewfinder, sometimes I even shoot while looking at the person. I had fun with angles and space here. As you can tell, They have amazing, warm, loving energies. The wedding took place at Ronit Farm on Friday morning,  and it was supposed to be over by the start of Shabbat. But it was so much fun, no one went home and everyone continued dancing into the night.

credits -production: Steps / makeup: Roza Shwartsman / hair: Yaniv Zada / dress: Reuma & Yoel/ video: Gena Fumm / Stills: Moran Mayan / dj: Itay Galo
/ Design: Ido Frid