Shir & Tom

Shir and Tom were getting ready in their Jaffa apartment. We didn’t need to change locations, to direct them or to have them standing in any poses- I was just documenting their time together.

Their chemistry is felt through the lens, and it’s always fun when the camera captures what goes on between them.

The wedding felt like a summer festival. Tom is an artist, and he’s one of those people that excel in everything they do – you can tell that this was his wedding.

It took place in a winery in the open air at sunset. White tents, lots of nature, and a lovely summer breeze. I wanted to give them a present because they were so sweet, so I got a 3D camera and gave them their wedding pics, it turned out super cool.

They had an immersive event, a crazy production, and once people started dancing it became a real wild party.

credits -production: Shayni/ makeup: Tali Peretz / hair : Adir Jacob /  dress: Danielle Frenkel / video: Shoko / Stills: Moran Mayan / location : Avigdor