Tal & Assaf

I started by filming the couple during their preparations, to take advantage of the golden hour. They chose one of my favorite places in Tel Aviv for the shooting, an apartment building on Yehuda Halevi. We shot in a large, bright space which was a perfect setting for the couple. We didn’t have to proceed to additional locations, since we had enough freedom of movement and creativity within it. We kept a minimalist and warm aesthetic, of which its magic was magnified by the set and the lighting, and the couple’s presence added the romantic feeling, also partially due to Roni’s classic dress. The wedding took place in the ‘Noor’ event hall in Old Jaffa. The canopy itself took place in the street, after dark, in an intimate corner among the city’s busy streets. While the guests are dancing, I like to feel as much as possible and be as little noticeable as I can. I documented the lively atmosphere on the dance floor while maintaining warm colors and soft lights.

credits – makeup: Dana Kfir / hair: Ziv Amsalem / dress: Idan Laros / video: Nir Tenenbaum / Stills: Moran Mayan / location : Bait Al Hayam