Moriel & Alon

Morielle has a great fashion sense. we had a vision for a classic-europian location, and so we went for the Norman hotel in Tel-Aviv. the photos came out elegant and aesthetic. we were ahead of our time when we shot the trendiest blurry im-motion pictures. this also, is a touch of Morielle’s stylish eye. She was wearing a stunning dress by Daniel Elbaz. like always, I shot them in a stairway, because I love playing with heights and movements between the floors. It was fine, chic, and luxurious wedding.

credits – makeup: Michal Zaraf / hair: Stav Siklay / dress: Daniel elbaz / video: genadi fumm / Stills: Moran Mayan / dj: Eli Matana /  location: Bait Al Hayam