Gilli & Eden

I fell in love with Gil and Eden. we are still in touch to this day. Their wedding took place sometime during Covid times, under heavy restrictions that in a way made it such a memorable wedding. Mainly for me, this is one of the weddings that changed the way I photograph. I was told beforehand that they were less pressured by having their picture was taken, which in turn made it so fun, they were in the moment, it felt so organic. In these photographs, which are very reminiscent of fashion productions, there is something effortless, authentic, almost like a documentary, but full of chic. It was also due to Gili’s dress, designed by Idan Laros. Covid played a big role here – from a big wedding it became small and intimate. This was the first and last wedding that took place entirely on the roof facing the sea, at the ‘Beit al Hayam’ in Jaffa. Because it was in the open air, to avoid noise, the dance floor became a headphone party. Magical Photographs that had stunning energy, edge, and liberty.

credits -production: Zamir Tavor / makeup: Noa Levi /  dress: Idan Laros / video: Tomer Fuchs / Stills: Moran Mayan / location : Bait Al Hayam