Elior & Shahar

I took Elior and Shahar’s pictures while they were getting ready in their apartment in Tel Aviv. Some friends came, we had a few drinks and inside that certain lively atmosphere, the feeling was very authentic, because this is the place where they are themselves the most.

We went down to Ehad Ha’am Street, one of the streets that I like to photograph the most. We just strolled through the city, from one corner to another, so it was very intuitive. I love stairwells, where you can play with heights, lighting, and composition, it all becomes very dramatic. I like that in urban photography, it’s very evocative.

The wedding took place on Friday morning, the ceremony itself was very intimate, and the words that they read to each other were so personal and sincere. It was a very special moment.


credits – video: seven days / Stills: Moran Mayan / dj: Elad Ron /  location: villa nona